Sourcing the latest technologies, materials and processes to produce products that solve real world problems.

A good idea is great… but that’s just the beginning.

New products often start out as a great idea, however, more often the greatness get diluted down due to existing or preconceived constraints on material selection or available in-house prototyping and manufacturing processes. The result… the great idea does become a product but just another ordinary product.

At AJEA it is different, we approach every project with the same set of objectives; to search globally for the latest innovative materials and manufacturing processes to to ensure that when we are creating our new products, that they are as good as they possibly can be – developed free from the usual constraints and compromises.

Utilising the latest technology

At AJEA we use the latest 3D CAD software and prototyping technologies to work through our projects. With computerised simulations we can change our material selection based on virtual testing.

When prototyping we have no physical restrictions, the ability to send our CAD file to anywhere in the world means we can avail of the very latest 3D printing technology available if needed.

Only after exploring all appropriate technologies are you certain that the product is as good as it possibly can be and ready for launch!

We’re Launching!

Following extensive research and development, we are now launching a New Product! – AutoFloodguard™

AutoFloodguard™ – is a totally new concept in flood resilience. A passive barrier system, which means it doesn’t require any power source or human interaction to deploy. A massive leap forward to flood resilience for an increasing global market.

For further information, click the logo below to visit the AutoFloodguard™ website.

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We're hiring!
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The US cities at risk of flooding; and how they're dealing with the threat

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Manufacturers and distributors of AutoFloodguard a new passive property level flood protection system


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